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2010 - Karabelo Mokoallo - LESOTHO

Lesotho is a small country of about 30 355 sq km, but considered to have more problems in relation to poverty and HIV/AIDS infection. When I won the national beauty pageant I thought it was a great platform for me to stretch out a hand to assist the less fortunate.

In my first Project I eyed the rural areas of Lesotho, where I assisted orphaned kids and HIV positive kids with food and clothes because winter in Lesotho gets really cold and may go below -5ºc especially in the rural, mountainous regions. We have more of HIV Orphans in the rural areas that do not even have orphanages to take care of them compared to the urban areas where there are some orphanages to which anybody willing to give gives to. Every winter I find a way to raise funds and give to underprivileged kids in the rural areas so that they may eat and go to school with clean uniform as the government already provides free primary education.

It also came to my knowledge after getting some statistics from our central laboratory and health centres that about ¼ of the adults in Lesotho are said to be HIV positive. This affects the young generation as well because it lives more HIV orphans, so in getting to reduce this effect I thought it’s important to educate the young generation about HIV/AIDS; I therefore got into the HIV awareness campaign through an organisation called “Kick 4 Life”. In “Kick 4 Life”, we promote HIV awareness through sports, as we target teenagers and teach them life skills. To facilitate these projects, we go to schools and communities around Lesotho. Some of the main points that we emphasise on are;-

-Being able to make right choices and being resilient in life.

-Overcoming HIV discrimination and stigma.

-Healthy behaviour/ lifestyle.

-Building role models.

I believe that young people are the future of our societies and it’s important to invest knowledge in them so that it may be passed on to the next generation. And that we may live in our dream of an HIV free generation.

I also formed a group of young girls with whom we go out to help the old aged especially who can no more do a lot for themselves. In winter, when it’s cold, we get funds for them and get them some food and blankets. I believe that having white hair in our communities it’s a blessing that we have to look after.

There are a bunch of  developments or projects that need to be carried out to help our people, one of which  I’m working on  is to raise breast cancer awareness throughout our country and the World, this I thought after doing a breast cancer prevalence project in my final year in Biomedical Sciences. According to my statistics more than 85% of women  do not go for breast cancer screening. In Lesotho 1 in every 3 women who go for screening has a malignant tumour (cancer). The women who go for screening go at the late stage when the cancerous cells have already metastasized (spread) through the body, and there is not much help. I believe that it’s the responsibility of every woman to have the breast examination for good health.

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